We headed for a family lunch to the Fekete Rigo Restaurant in Matrafüred. We started our journey without a big breakfast so that when we arrive we do not have a full stomach but rather hungry. However, at the end we decided to go without dessert.

The restaurant is situated in a beautfiul garden in the foot of the hill in a friendly surrounding. Children were running around and playing balls in the garden, until their parents were eating. My little daughter-in-law was also climbing in the green grass and picking walnuts falling from the big old tree.
The restaurant has also a good atmosphere if you sit inside, it is nicely renovated. In the female toilet you even have a baby change for those coming with their babies or small children from further and need a change.
The enviroment and our company of family made us have a good start for lunch. We ordered our dishes. It was rather difficult to choose from the menu beacuse of the too big variety of dishes. I don’t know about you, but I get confused on such big menus after a while. And it does not always mean good to me. So I decided to stay with one of the daily recommendations . I thought it must be made fresh out of fresh ingredients. I decided for the goose liver with buttered potatoes and sweet-sour cabbage. My husband was eating duckleg with French fries and cabbage. I got trully disappointed in the goose liver. Firstly it was tendinous, so I was not able to eat all that was served. Secondly, my potatoes were not buttered but rather standing in fat from the liver. They have overfried the goose liver medalions too. The decoration did not fit to the plate. It was a classic salad mix. It may be a good idea to decorate this dish with onion rings or some sweet compote . It would go much better with the food and would not cost much more for the restaurant.
My husband was satisfied with his duck and cabbage. However, he did not like the French fries, as he said, its texture was like a rubber gum. They might also know this in the restaurant, but if they make an effort to produce realy French fries from real fresh potatoes, which I higly appreciate, you must fry them twice in oder to have them crispy.
After what we got served I had no mood for any dessert, nonetheless I could have still eaten. I decided to make some healthy and tasty dessert when we get home.
Service was good and friendly. The dishes came real fast.
Would I go again? If we go that direction, we will sit under the walnut tree for a coffee after a good meal by my mom’s or by us. 🙂