Fructose is a sneaky enemy of our body’s anti-toxic mostor, the liver. As fruit sugar (fructose) turns into fat through the liver immediately as it gets into our body. We can hardly get rid of it.

Why is fructose bad for us? Since fructose makes our body want to eat more of it. Each food we eat contains molecules that have an opposing „appetite hormon” in our body that says stop and we do not want to eat more when we are full and have eaten enough. It is not like this with fructose.
The reason for this is that the prehistoric man could hardly find any sweet things, so during the evolution the opposing „appetite hormon” for fructose has never developed in us. This lack is the cause of us not being able to say no for sugar and we cannot resist eating it within bounds.
When fructose gets into our body, our liver transforms all of it into fat and stores it. So taking fructose, oppreses our liver only. If we drink fructose (e.g. in soft drink: coke, fruit juices, etc.), this procedure is faster and more direct.
The case with glucose, the grape sugar, is different. Our liver only decomposes 20% of glucose. Every cell of our body can use glucose and burns it.
There are more and more studies on fructose and several of them proved that fructose:
– blocks the immune system, therefore for our body it is more difficult to resist agains bacteria and viruses
– it disturbs and unbalances the body’s mineral balance and disturbs also the absorbation of the mineral salts, therefore it can cause deficieny-diseases
– can destroy fertility
– speeds up body aging
– can be connected to certain types of cancers
– can be connected to dementia
– can make the enteron acid, that causes digestive and absorvative problems
– it rises the adrenalin level abrubtly and causes hiperactivity , causes feeling of disconfort, and loss of concetration.
Now, let’s see where the boogieman is hiding? In other words, how much fructose can be found in certain stuff. The normal table sugar contains 50-50% glucose and fructose. A banana contains 55% sugar and from this half of it is fructose. Honey is 40% fructose, exept for raw honey. Agave has about 70-90% fruit sugar. Further on, if you want to give up sugar it is wise to avoid the following high-content fructose products: dried fruits, processed food ( bbq sauces, ketchup, etc.), maple syrup, dessert wine and liqures, wheat-based products (pastry, pasta, ect.).
I am attaching an English language table chart on some fruits with their fructose-glucose ratio. With the help of this, you might be able to consume consciously less fructose content fruits int he future.

In the next part, I am going to write real interesting facts about fat and sugar and their relation.

Part One